Doing business in Hong Kong 2024

Being the world’s leading destination for initial public offerings (IPOs) of companies, Hong Kong processes a highly international and business-friendly environment, an open and level playing field, as well as a well-developed financial infrastructure with a first-class transport and telecommunications infrastructure network.

To ensure a fair and accessible business environment, Hong Kong has comprehensive policies and legislation to protect intellectual property rights.

Adopting a straightforward, transparent, and competitive tax systems, Hong Kong’s tax advantage lies in the fact that there are only three direct taxes and a tax exemption system which allows a reduced tax burden for businesses. Located at the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong shares in an identical time zone with the other pivotal financial markets which enables to maintain its significant economic presence through the inherent strategic and competitive advantages.

We’ve highlighted key legal and regulatory areas to create a practical, action-focused guide. We will help you ask the right questions in areas such as foreign investment policy, tax requirements, compliance, insurance regulations, employment laws and government initiatives.

Our aim is to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities you will encounter as you establish your business in Hong Kong. The experience, knowledge and integrity of the Mazars team means we can work alongside you as a strategic local partner you can trust.

Our expertise working within Hong Kong’s business landscape will reduce uncertainty and risk, while helping you to recognise and make the most of the many benefits Hong Kong has to offer.