Webinar: The impact of the EU's CSRD on Chinese Enterprises (21 November 2023)

On November 21, 2023, Mazars Group and the China Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France successfully held a hybird seminar on the topic of The impact of the European Union's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) on Chinese-funded enterprises.

As one of the speakers, Adele Yim, our Head of Risk Advisory Services from Mazars in Hong Kong, shared the main requirements of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s ESG disclosure and guidelines to the participants, and analyzed the similarities between ESRS and Hong Kong ESG situations through case studies.


At the beginning of the seminar, Wenguo Li, Secretary General of the China Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France, delivered an opening speech. As one of the activities specially organized for Chinese-funded enterprises, he hoped that more companies could participate in this seminar and benefit from it. During the seminar, Emmanuel Thierry, CSRD Task Force Leader from Mazars Group, explained the importance of sustainable development and CSRD to Chinese-funded enterprises. From the market to financing to long-term development in the EU, Chinese-funded enterprises need to be well prepared in this field.

In addition, Nikko Fu, Partner at Mazars Global China Services, and Gisèle Zheng, Sustainability Service Manager from Mazars Group introduced the types of Chinese-funded enterprises directly affected by CSRD. Yingmei Wu, Partner at Mazars in Beijing, also shared the current status and future of ESG reporting in China.

More than 50 representatives of Chinese-funded companies from various industries attended the event in our Head Office in Paris while the event was also well received by over 550 attendees online.

 Watch the live repaly


Click here to watch the live replay of the seminar.