“Caught in the crossfire” – A Plus Magazine (September 2018)

Anthony Tam, Executive Director of Tax Services was interviewed by A Plus to talk about his view on the US-China trade war's impact on Hong Kong, where he was featured in the article "Caught in the crossfire" from the September 2018 issue of the A Plus Magazine.

Anthony Tam, Executive Director of Mazars Tax Services, and former chairman of the Institute’s Taxation Faculty Executive Committee, warns that the price of food is likely to inflate if the trade war continues for too long. “It is inevitable that the higher tariffs will bring in price inflation in China, and possibly in Hong Kong,” he says.

“ Free trade is an important foundation of our success. The total value of traded goods and services was about 375 percent of our gross domestic product.”


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Credits: Anthony Tam for A Plus magazine, September 2018 issue


Caught in the crossfire – A Plus Magazine (September 2018)