Mazars New Manager Development Program for 2022

Our Managers, Amy Yam, Connie Leung, Matthew Lo, Ricky Lau, and Stephanie Hung took part in this event which was held in Bangkok Thailand, where they were able to connect with Mazarians from other countries and learn more about the skills needed to be a good manager.

Nimit Attawiriyakula, Neetu Sidana, and Walter T. held a session on the topic of learning about innovation and the manager role, encouraging managers to come up with creative ways to address business challenges.
George Trapp held a session on the topic of communication and culture, to help managers use insights about individuals and team preferences to tackle challenges and improve team performance.
Another interesting session was on the topic of business development. Through a series of activities, new managers learned how to use business development tools to make business connections and the key elements for building a personal brand through LinkedIn and other social networks.

At Mazars, we are always seeking to improve ourselves.