Ivan Chan featured in Hong Kong Business Magazine (September 2021)

Apart from National business award, Ivan Chan, our Audit & Financial Advisory Services Partner has also been appointed as a judge of this year’s Hong Kong Business Management Excellence Awards. He was featured in Hong Kong Business Magazine again & shared how technologies can keep Hong Kong’s attractiveness to global investors.

Ivan shared his views on the technology used in ecommerce & banking even whilst quarantine restrictions are lessened. “During this arduous period, all industries, including e-commerce and banking, are under tremendous pressure to capture new business opportunities. The company’s adoption of new technologies has increased significantly, and related investments have been more generous than expected.” he added.

"RPA is considered one of the saviours that can help struggling companies today. It can help banks and financial institutions simplify the repetitive work related to finance and operations and can improve process efficiency. It can manage numerous financial, accounting, and operational processes for companies in the e-commerce industry, for example, automate sales audits and user payment processes. Most importantly, RPA can avoid human errors that are prone to occur in the process. RPA-powered ERP is also expected to become the next trend, as it can minimize the need for human resources." 

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Credits: Janine Ballesteros, Hong Kong Business Magazine, 29th September 2021