Sustainable, smart, and synchronised: using technology to accelerate the ESG transition in the consumer sector

Mature markets are experiencing a shift in consumer demand patterns as consumers move away from traditional products and services towards those consistent with environmental, social, and governance goals. Our study ‘Sustainable, smart, and synchronised’ explains how consumer companies can harness ESG and digital transformation to thrive in this changing environment.

The report offers an actionable guide for consumer companies to future proof their businesses by shifting to synchronised, smart and sustainable business models, and includes contributions from experts with executive experience at L’Oréal, Marks & Spencer, Pernod Ricard, Danone, and Mazars.

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To accelerate transformation, companies must measure and optimise ESG performance and leverage new technologies.

Sustainable, smart, and synchronised outlines strategic steps such as shifting key performance indicators, collecting data on relevant metrics such as biodiversity impacts or supply chain labour rights, and creating meaningful and actionable insights to drive strategy and progress on sustainability.

On the tactical level our study offers a step-by-step guide to operationalise transformation, such as building a mix of talent and skills across the business and board level, improving diversity, working with suppliers to improve efficiency and ESG outcomes, or collaborating with other companies and stakeholders.

Shoppers’ conflicting demands - as both consumers and citizens - place new and sometimes contrary pressures on the consumer sector. Digital and sustainable transformation help consumer companies strategically and systematically future proof themselves for the evolving demands of new cohorts of consumers.

Isabelle Massa Partner

Read our new report to learn about how to prepare your business for this new era. Full report below.