MZHK x GCC webinar: Employees’ Statutory Entitlements: Is Your Company in Compliance with the Employment Ordinance? (24 Mar 2022)

The Employment (Amendment) Ordinance (713 Ordinance) of 2007 sets out the basis to calculate an employee’s statutory entitlements. However, while the Ordinance has been in effect for almost 15 years, some employers are still unaware or do not fully understand the requirements. Companies that are not complying with this legislation may be exposed to litigation with employees and potential penalties.

On 24 March 2022, the insightful webinar “Employees’ Statutory Entitlements: Is your company in compliance with the Employment Ordinance?” was successfully held by German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong (GCC) together with our Head of Outsourcing, Gilles-Alexandre Salansy & Betty Tang, Accounting & Outsourcing Director.

They explained the 713 Ordinance and shared the useful tips on paying staff for their statutory entitlements to avoid potential litigation risks and ensure compliance.


  • Introduction to Employment (Amendment) Ordinance 2007
  • What is Average Daily Wage?
  • Definition of “Wages”
  • Mode of calculation
  • Points to note
  • Q&A
GCC webinar 24 March 2
GCC webinar 24 March