"Coastal guardians" - Gilles-Alexandre Salansy featured in A Plus Magazine (March 2018)

Hong Kong’s geographical features make it perfect for enjoying recreational seaside activities, but this is being undermined by the common sight of coastal litter. Gilles-Alexandre Salansy, Director of Outsourcing Services at Mazars Hong Kong, was featured in the March 2018 issue of the A Plus Magazine where he talks about how he helps clean up Hong Kong’s beaches in a hands-on way.

From a young age, the words “never litter” have been instilled in Gilles-Alexandre Salansy, Director of Outsourcing Services at Mazars. “I’ve always been taught to carry my own litter until finding a bin,” says Salansy.

Salansy moved to Hong Kong from Paris in 2004. The beaches and country parks have since become regular weekend destinations for him and his family, while living on Lamma Island also offers plenty of outdoor activities for them to do around the home. The island’s community, he says, stick to a secret rule – pick up whatever litter you see along the beaches and dispose of it properly.

The Salansy family often go to the Power Station Beach, which is not under the LCSD’s management. “This beach is perfect for kayaking, swimming, children’s birthday parties and gatherings,” says Salansy, “and because it doesn’t have cleaners from the LCSD looking after it, it’s important that we do if we want to continue enjoying our time there.”


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Credits: Interview by Julian Hwang and photography by Anthony Tung (A Plus magazine, March 2018 issue)


Coastal guardians - A Plus Magazine (March 2018)