Mazars in APAC webinar: The Future of Audit in Asia-Pacific (9 Sep 2021)

Financial audit is the foundation on which trust and integrity are built into financial markets around the world. However, the profession in Asia-Pacific faces a decisive moment and the public interest is at stake.

On 9 September 2021, more than 390 participants attended our webinar featuring our in-house audit leaders and speakers from Essilor, Publicis Groupe, and Medi Lifestyle.

We are excited to reveal the report, ‘The Future of Audit in APAC’ which will provide you with valuable insights into the audit needs and perceptions in the region.

Alongside hearing from our diverse audit speakers on the evolution of audit to meet the expectations of financial markets, we introduced a quantitative interactive poll during the webinar to gather the opinion of our APAC audit users and decision makers and have a fresh regional perspective on audit realities, the state of our profession and its future direction.

This report also summarises the key findings from the poll with appropriate comparisons to the global study, to better understand the expectations concerning auditing services in APAC today.

Download the full report to find the APAC market view on:

  • Expected mission of auditors VS Expected benefits of a company audit
  • Evolution of audit – increasing support for non-financial reporting
  • Attitudes toward auditing technologies
  • How do we make sure auditors develop the right skillset for the future?
  • How will the growth of APAC impact the future of audit?
  • Support for audit reform in APAC



The Future of Audit in APAC webinar report