Mazars in Hong Kong x abc Multiactive webinar: Insurance compliance update for insurance companies and banks (17 May 2021)

For institutions that sells insurance products such as insurance companies and banks, knowing the latest regulations and using a correct way in talent management can surely make your daily operations more effective and compliant, and eventually increase your profit.

On 17 May 2021, invited by abc Multiactive (HK) Limited, our Managing Director of Mazars Consulting (HK) Limited, Mr. Ernest Yiu conducted “Insurance compliance update for insurance companies and banks: Regulations and Talent Management” webinar with Mr. SL Cheung, CFO of abc Multiactive (HK) Limited, themed around the regulatory technology adoption. During this webinar, Ernest also identified and explained new talent management opportunities & challenges. This webinar was well-received and had varied attendance of participants mainly from the banking industry.