“The next generation” - Prospective CPA Magazine (Sping 2018 Issue 114)

Paul She, Audit and Assurance Practising Director at Mazars Hong Kong was featured in the Spring 2018 Issue 114 of the Prospective CPA Magazine where he talked about the accounting profession and its future for the next generation.

Apart from his role as a partner of a major firm, Paul She is also a very active contributor to the HKICPA, focuses on encouraging young people to join the profession. He wants to show the accountants of the future what the profession has to offer. He views the profession is not just about knowledge, but also about how we interact with other people and solve problems as a team – his most critical reason for studying the QP.  “In about 2010 I started to get more involved with the Institute,” he says. “These days I spend a third of my time there. My motivation for joining the profession came from the graduates of my school, so I wanted to try to do the same.

As a former deputy convenor of the Institute’s Young Members Group, he is now a member of the Qualification and Examinations Board. “But I believe the development of the profession doesn’t just rest on the Institute; every accountant must be involved if we want the profession to be better. I want to ensure that people joining the profession are high quality and that there are appropriate benchmarks for professional accountants. I want to make sure I can still be proud of my profession.”

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Credits: Interview and reporting by Richard Lord (Prospective CPA Magazine: Spring 2018 Issue 114)


'The next generation' - HKICPA_​Prospective CPA Sping 2018 Issue (No.114)