Hong Kong Capital Markets Forum 2024 (30 January 2024)

On 30 January 2024, our partners & managers from Mazars in Hong Kong participated in the inaugural “Hong Kong Capital Markets Forum 2024: Driving Growth with Market Integrity and Sound Governance” co-organised by the Hong Kong Association of Registered Public Interest Entity Auditors Limited (PIEAA), the Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies (CHKLC) and The Hong Kong Institute of Directors (HKIoD) to explore the current status and future trends of the global, Chinese and Hong Kong economies, the challenges they face and the opportunities that Hong Kong can seize.

Our Managing Director, Jimmy Yip, was pleased to receive a souvenir presented by the organisers during the luncheon. The forum provided valuable insights into the current development and future trends of Hong Kong’s capital markets from multiple perspectives by domestic and foreign experts, scholars, industry leaders and government representatives.

We look forward to bringing our expertise to the financial industry and supporting the growth of Hong Kong's capital markets.