Webinar: Tax and legal considerations of M&A in APAC 2023 (24 May 2023)

On 24 May 2023, our webinar “Tax and legal considerations of M&A in APAC 2023” was successfully hosted by Mazars in Singapore. The webinar covered key market changes, the local regulatory framework, and the necessary preparations at each stage of the M&A cycle.

Our Mazars Tax experts from the APAC region talk about the tax and legal considerations with the local market, together with the external speakers from LPA Singapore. During this webinar, our Tax Services Director, Karen Lau from Mazars in Hong Kong, shared insights about the tax considerations in group reorganizations in Hong Kong, including the FSIE regime, s.45 relief, and Indirect transfer of China company.

Read our new summary to gain key takeaways on the following topics:

  • Economic landscape for M&A in Asia
  • Tax considerations in group reorganisations
  • Tax implications of various financing instruments
  • Common tax issues to consider in SPA negotiations 
  • Legal considerations regarding asset deals and equity deals

The webinar featured an esteemed panel of speakers:

You can find the full webinar details below:

  • Elaine Chow – Partner, Tax (Singapore)
  • Hai Minh Nguyen – Partner, Head of Advisory services (Vietnam)
  • Jamie Towers – Partner, Tax (Australia)
  • Jonathan Stuart-Smith – Partner, Tax (Thailand) (Moderator)
  • Laurent Nguyen – Partner, Financial Advisory (Vietnam)
  • Robert James – Partner, Tax (Australia)
  • Yong Yong Khor – Partner, Tax (Malaysia)
  • Karen Lau – Director, Tax Advisory services (Hong Kong)
  • Naritsaporn Tanapoonsin – Director, Tax (Thailand)

and a guest speaker:

  • Arnaud Bourrut Lacouture – Registered Foreign Lawyer & Founding Partner, LPA Singapore

We invite you to explore this comprehensive guide, which aims to inspire further exploration and engagement in the exciting realm of M&A in Asia Pacific. As your trusted partner, Mazars is committed to supporting your journey and helping you navigate the ever-evolving M&A landscape in this thriving region.

Let's unlock the full potential of M&A in this region together.

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