Mazars in Hong Kong Podcast | Let's talk Outsourcing

Let’s talk Outsourcing is our new weekly podcast series which focus on the issues that will be of concern to employers and employees when taking up employment in Hong Kong. Our outsourcing experts have extensive localization experience. They will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the Hong Kong employment matter in the easiest way possible and doing business successfully in Hong Kong.

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Mazars in Hong Kong | Let's talk Forensic

The time to plan and prepare is before a disaster or catastrophe not during one.
Let's talk forensic podcast series is about forensic and investigation which may occur in a variety of scenarios. In each episode, our in-house forensic experts discuss what is happening in the industry through different case studies and theories which help you to encompass the best solution for future contingencies.

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Let’s talk luxury: the Mazars podcast about the luxury business model makeover

Let’s talk luxury is the Mazars podcast series about how and why luxury brands are undergoing a business model makeover. In each episode, luxury experts discuss what’s happening in the sector, including authenticity, circularity, new customer cohorts and retail experiences worth posting about.

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Let’s talk: podcast about doing business in the time of Covid-19

Let’s talk is a podcast series about doing business in the time of Covid-19: each episode features a different Mazars expert talking about how they have helped clients navigate the business impact of coronavirus and prepare for what comes next.

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