Business and finance webinar: Repatriation of funds from China to the UK

Choosing the correct vehicle for repatriating funds from a Chinese legal entity takes careful financial and tax planning.

This webinar will allow you to understand repatriation of funds, profit, salary and surplus liquidity from your China operation to your UK headquarters or overseas holdings.

Jointly organised by Mazars, CBBC and HSBC, this webinar will cover the following topics:

  • How can dividend structures be effectively used for repatriation?
  • When are overseas guarantees the most appropriate vehicle for repatriating funds?
  • How can overseas intragroup loans be used as an effective means of repatriating profits?
  • Given the changes in China’s tax laws what is the most efficient tax structure for international business with China?
  • What practical steps do companies need to take in terms of international and China tax planning?

Nancy Liang and Thomas Chen will assess the pro’s and con’s of each repatriation method and give practical advice on managing international tax and finance with China.  


  • Nancy Liang - SVP RMB Internationalisation, HSBC Commercial Banking. Shanghai 
  • Thomas Chen - Partner, Accounting and Outsourcing Services, Mazars. Shanghai 



Wednesday 13 November 2013
At 5.30pm (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong) // 9:30am (GMT)


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