Kenneth Morrison speaks at the Professional Liability Underwriting Society Regional Symposium

PLUS Regional Symposium 2014 was held at the Hong Kong Football Club

On 27 May 2014, Kenneth Morrison, Chairman of Mazars Greater China Board and Vice Chairman of Mazars Group Governance Council, delivered a presentation at the Hong Kong Professional Liability Underwriting Society Regional Symposium (PLUS).

The 2014 PLUS symposium focused on regulatory and corporate fraud issues facing the Asian marketplace. With corporate governance being a global hot issue, companies are more than ever exposed to the market pressure to demonstrate they have a sound corporate governance in place. One of the main pillars of corporate accountability is the quality and reliability of the financial information provided by the CFO. The question is then “How to ensure the figures have not manipulated?”

During his presentation “Games CFO’s play: Financial report manipulation and what to look for”, Kenneth shared examples of accounts manipulation that he has encountered in companies seeking to portray a healthier picture than their true financial position as well as examples of some of the “red flags” that can act as early warning indicators to possible accounts manipulation.

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