Transaction services

Mazars Transaction Services teams can offer all the necessary skills and expertise to serve all aspects of your transactions. From valuation, due diligence and assistance to underperforming business.

Our aim is to form a long-lasting relationship with you and supply the technical excellence and confidence you need. We can tailor our services to your unique transaction while complying with regulations and respecting demands for confidentiality and ethical conduct.

Because we are fully integrated, we can provide you with a service that is tailored to your industry.

Corporate Finance

In today's vibrant times of changes and transition from Old Economy to New Economy, accountants need to be in tune with the regulators, legal community and investment banking industry to be value-added to service their clients.

Our Corporate Finance team helps clients maximise their value by originating and executing transactions such as raising public and private capital, selling parts of their businesses, and acquiring complementary companies.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have also carried out a large number of special exercises on behalf of clients wishing to make acquisitions in the Asia Pacific region. The extent of due diligence work undertaken is designed to meet the requirements of the client and may range from an overall review, through to a full scope audit and investigation into the target's history and business prospects.

We seek to understand your goals and strategies. Coupled with our industry experience, we can help you and your advisors to structure the appropriate mergers and acquisitions which maximise the enterprise value by offering acquisition searches, deals matching supports and etc.

We can also help you realise the synergies and create competitive differentials of the combined business by developing a clear vision and formulating implementation plans to optimise post-transaction financial and business functions.

Due Diligence

In addition, we have carried out due diligence work for other purposes, including corporate restructuring, bank refinancing, providing a position statement to an overseas liquidator, and for the purpose of acting as expert witnesses in legal cases.

Due diligence investigation is to ensure that the target company or investment is financially sound and that all material risks have been identified. We are equipped with knowledge and experience to be able to review business of all sizes in different market sectors.

Business Appraisal and Valuation Services

Business valuation provides information to assist with planning and investor strategy and is a critical component of all corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, corporate recovery and etc. We have the capability and expertise required for undertaking feasibility studies and appraisals of investment proposals. We can also help you in assessments of asset quality, viability of future cash flow, capital structures and business financing strategies.

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