Impact of COVID-19 on M&A process

The M&A process in the context of COVID-19 outbreak may face significant disruption. Our Financial Advisory team in Hong Kong and across Asia Pacific can assist you to address the challenges caused by this changing environment. We have set out a list of key considerations to help you keep your deal on track.

The first half of 2020 has been marked by disruption caused by the COVID-19 outbreak that has impacted all businesses, large and small. The global economy has slowed down during the first quarter 2020 and these uncertainties will continue to bring volatility to capital markets by affecting the volume of deals and valuations.

Unfortunately, the economic damage is becoming tangible and immediate measures need to be taken to limit the impact.

Not surprisingly, M&A activity will be strongly impacted by the turmoil of capital markets and the deterioration of the real economy. Those who are involved or about to be involved in an M&A transaction may face difficult challenges due to the COVID-19 outbreak in terms of process execution, valuation, business viability assessment and other legal or post-merger integration issues.

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