Our strong audit division provides efficient, cost effective and high quality services to our wide ranging client portfolio.

Our partners/directors and staff are familiar with internationally accepted auditing and accounting standards together with accounting standards and requirements in the major financial jurisdictions.

Our audit objective is to familiarise ourselves fully with all aspects of our clients' business which in turn enables us to plan thoroughly the nature and timing of the audit. Our approach is to gain a complete understanding of the clients' business and accounting systems, record the system, and then evaluate its effectiveness. Depending on our assessment of the reliability of the accounting system our detailed verification work is either increased or decreased accordingly.

On completion of our audit it is our practice to write to clients and inform them of any matters of governance interest, which include our recommendations for improving internal controls, systems and operating procedures. It is also our practice to advise clients on any matters which we consider may increase profitability, or tax efficiency.

Because of the close involvement of both partners/directors and senior staff in all audit assignments, our audit becomes an important management tool which leads to greater efficiency and profitability.

Our Mainland registered CPA firm is licensed to issue statutory Chinese CPA reports for mainland companies.

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