"Dedicated Dads" - A+ Magazine (June 2015)

"To be a great father and a successful accountant requires both practice and patience. Tigger Chaturabul talks to Institute members about how they balance the demanding responsibilities of both roles"

"Special Connection

Regardless of the physical distance between Kenneth Morrison and his four children, the Practising Director and Chairman of the Board of Greater China at Mazars and Institute member, makes his priority to stay in touch with his family. Through Facetime and WhatsApp on his mobile devices, Morrison can connect to his loved ones at the touch of a button. "It's a miracle really," he says. "When I was a child at boarding school, it would take a week for a letter to reach my family." The Hong Kong-born accountant studied overseas in Scotland, an experience he provided his own children when they were young."

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Credits: Tigger Chaturabul for A+ Magazine, June 2015 issue