Let's talk forensic: podcast about forensic and investigation

The time to plan and prepare is before a disaster or catastrophe not during one.
Let's talk forensic podcast series is about forensic and investigation which may occur in a variety of scenarios. In each episode, our in-house forensic experts discuss what is happening in the industry through different case studies and theories which help you to encompass the best solution for future contingencies.

Ep1: Developing a fraud response plan

by Rupert Utley, Partner, Head of Forensic Investigation Services, Mazars in Hong Kong

A well designed and thought-out “Fraud Response Plan” allows a company to do the right thing at the right time to minimize harm, maximise recovery of losses and protect one’s organization from financial, legal and reputation risk.  Watch this podcast on how to design such a plan. 

EP2: Latest SFC / HKMA issues as relate to Fraud and Integrity Risk and regulatory environment

by Francis Li, Senior Manager of Forensic Investigation Services, Mazars in Hong Kong

Failure to comply with regulatory requirements will not only result in fines to banks and licensed corporations, but also cause long-term damage to their reputation in the market. In this podcast, the latest Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) enforcement action relating to failures to comply with anti-money laundering related regulation by banks and other financial institutions in Hong Kong are illustrated with some recent cases.

EP3: Proactive fraud risk management and monitoring of illegal behavior: case study Tencent

by Star Chen, Director of Forensic Investigation Services, Mazars in Hong Kong

In this podcast, occupational fraud, proactive fraud risk management, and monitoring of illegal or unethical behavior are focused with an example of the Tencent proactive monitoring program to illustrate the crucial components for establishing and maintaining an effective anti-fraud program.