"The Road Ahead" – The Peak magazine (August issue)

Stephen Weatherseed, Managing Director of Mazars Hong Kong, was featured in the August issue of The Peak magazine. He presented his views on the economic impacts of an increase in trading, as well as the opportunities and risks behind the Belt and Road initiative.

In the article, Stephen analysed the reason behind the increasing opportunities of Hong Kong from an economic perspective.

“One of Hong Kong’s most significant opportunities lies in its expertise in bringing deals together, particularly those relating to infrastructure,"

"I think the increase in trade flowing through Asia has to be a good thing for Hong Kong, as it will naturally lead to more activity, more people, and more wealth, while bringing Asia closer to the rest of the world. Overall, I think it is a very positive thing for Hong Kong.”

Addressing the Belt and Road issue, he also mentioned that Hong Kong's uniqueness lies in the depth of its service sector and its geographic proximity to China. According to Stephen, the major risk that Hong Kong faces is failing to take advantage of the opportunities created by the initiative.

To read the full article, please see the PDF attached below.

Credits: Liana Cafolla for The Peak magazine, August 2017 issue


"The Road Ahead"(The Peak Magazine - August 2017)
"The Road Ahead"(The Peak Magazine - August 2017)