Stephen Weatherseed interview by AB.CN magazine

As managing director of Mazars Hong Kong, Stephen Weatherseed has helped the firm as it takes on its biggest challenge yet: conquering China’s domestic market

‘The first thing to understand about Mazars is that it is a truly integrated firm. Based on a democratic partnership, each partner has the right to vote on strategic decisions. The emphasis is around sharing, and this is dramatically illustrated by the fact that Mazars shares its profits worldwide. This means we can deploy our resources more easily and share what we have globally, therefore we end up punching above our weight compared with the competition,’ says Stephen Weatherseed, managing director at Mazars Hong Kong. ‘Even though we are relatively small as an organisation – we have 17,000 people worldwide – we rank number 11."

The integrated business model was a refreshing change for Weatherseed, who joined Mazars in 2011 after over 30 years with Grant Thornton. He arrived as the firm was launching the first of its China desks, initially in Europe and then across offices in Africa and the US, to cater for mainland Chinese businesses operating across those countries. This represented a fundamental shift in the evolution of the China business. 

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