"Rediscovering Italy and Spain" - HKGCC Bulletin (July 2015)

Milan, Barcelona and Madrid have changed significantly since the financial crisis, and business opportunities are there for the picking, writes Deanna Kwok

Out of the Woods

Over the past decade, investing in Spain and Italy has been a bit like taking a rollercoaster. Just when you thought their economies were back on track, the release of economic data sent shivers down investors’ spines. Today, businesses are a lot more confident. “There is a real feeling of energy and optimism in Milan, Barcelona and in particular in Madrid,” said Neville Shroff, “People are optimistic, and businesses and tourists are flocking there in droves, so I am very optimistic about those markets."

"The Spain-Latin America connection is something that Hong Kong companies could take advantage of" - Stephen Weatherseed, Chairman of the Chamber's Europe Committee 

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Credits: Deanna Kwok for HKGCC Bulletin Magazine, July 2015 issue