Certifed Volunteers - A+ Magazine (December 2016)

Christmas is a time of giving. Oscar Chow, our Senior Tax Manager in Tax Department talk to A+ Magazine on how volunteering has inspired on both his personal life and career.

Oscar Chow is an avid member of the Rotary Club of Mandarin Hong Kong. He, along with other passionate Rotarians, serve the international humanitarian organization with the intent to add colour and life to the various communities of Hong Kong in need.

The Rotary Club consists of members from all walks of life, and they all bring something unique to the organization’s table. Chow, the Senior Manager at Mazars, an Institute Member and one of the charter directors for the club, uses his skills and connections as a CPA to support crucial fundraisers.

“CPAs have a great network, which makes finding like-minded friends and potential donors less strenuous,” says Chow. “People often don’t know that they can help by simply participating at the events, no matter how short, but if you keep them informed, you’ll find that there are many eager and willing candidates.”

Having been an active volunteer since primary school and a member of the Rotary Club for a year, Chow finds joy through the happiness of others. “The longer you work as a volunteer, the more you realize that there are many people in need of assistance, whether they may be the elderly, disadvantaged households or the disabled,” he says.

When not busy working behind the scenes at fundraisers, Chow can be found at club-organized events like visits to the elderly. “Many elders are simply looking for a companion to chat with, and you can just see their eyes light up as you converse with them,” he says. During a home visit for a disabled elderly man, the man was so glad to have a conversational partner that he attempted to stand up and see Chow off when it was over. Chow cherishes the look of happiness on the old man’s face.

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