Mazars Hong Kong and Singapore first successfully listed main board IPO client as joint reporting accountants (21 Jan 2020)

Mazars Hong Kong had the pleasure of working in collaboration with Mazars Singapore to facilitate the listing of Infinity Logistics and Transport Ventures Limited (“Infinity”) on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

On Monday, 21 January 2020, Infinity’s public shares were listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (“HKEX”) under the stock code 01442. Mazars Hong Kong and Mazars Singapore worked as a unified team of Joint Reporting Accountants to bring this logistics service provider public.

Infinity’s IPO was led by the following Mazars team:

Paul She – Audit & Assurance Partner, Mazars Hong Kong

Samuel Lam – Audit & Assurance Senior Manager, Mazars Hong Kong

Frank Lam – Audit & Assurance Assistant Manager, Mazars Hong Kong

Rick Chan – Audit Partner, Mazars Singapore Chee Keong Ooi – Audit Partner, Mazars Singapore

Chee Keong Ooi – Audit Partner, Mazars Singapore

Lok Yung Hui – Audit Manager, Mazars Singapore

Infinity is a logistics service provider based in Malaysia, providing Flexitank Solution and Related Services, Integrated Freight Forwarding Services, Railroad Transportation Services and Logistics Centre and Related Services. With its strong presence in Southeast Asia and business coverage over 15 countries, Infinity continues to look forward to leveraging their market leading position and capturing the growing business opportunities.

Representatives from Mazars Hong Kong had the pleasure of participating in Infinity’s listing ceremony held on 21 January. The firm offers its sincere congratulations on this corporate milestone and looks forward to seeing what Infinity will accomplish in the future.