The Y revolution? An international survey on Generation Y

Find out about Generation Y's aspirations and relationship with gender equality and business in this international survey conducted by Mazars and Women'Up.

In recent months, it has been impossible to avoid “Generation Y”. It has appeared in newspapers, in magazines and has been given a place of prominence in bookstores. The Generation Y consists of young people born between the beginning of the 1980s and the mid-90s. Modern literature does not always depict this generation in a favourable light, labelling them with characteristics such as: individualistic or even selfish, unmanageable, impertinent, glued to their smartphone, addicted to social media, impatient, etc.

What is Generation Y looking for?

Mazars and WoMen'Up, an association focusing on the issues of gender diversity in business from the perspective of Generation Y, conducted a survey of 1,011 Yers from 64 different nationalities. In a cross-interview, Laurent Choain, Mazars Group Human Resources Director, Emmanuelle Duez and Adeline Braescu-Kerlan, co-founders of WoMen’Up, exchanged their views on the results.