Key points of the financial communication of insurance groups

The large insurance groups have once again prepared their financial statements under a stable framework that awaits the adoption of IFRS 4 phase 2 (which is still subject to debate) and in a changeable economic and regulatory context with the implementation of Solvency 2 and the designation of systemic players.

Unlike in recent years, European insurers benefited in 2013 from a stable and positive economic environment:

  • Good performance of the stock markets;
  • Rise of share prices for most of the players; 
  • On-going easing of the tensions on the sovereign debt market, linked to measures taken by the European Central Bank and policy-makers; 
  • Rise of interest rates in some countries.

We have analysed the financial information of a sample of European insurance and reinsurance players, using their annual reports and other financial communication material for the year ended 31 December 2013.

We also invite you to discover a summary of key trends in their financial reporting from 2010 to 2013.