Mazars European China Desks

Mazars European China Desks: A bridge between China and Europe

Developing businesses in Europe

The Mazars European China Desks (ECD), working hand-in-hand with Mazars in China , offer a suite of services to help Chinese companies wishing to set up or expand in Europe. The Mazars ECD are located in France Germany,  NetherlandsSpain , the United KingdomIrelandItaly, Poland Greece  and Turkey.

Our ECD teams are based in their local countries and are comprised of multilingual experts with international mindset who have professional skills and an abundance of experience both in China and in their local country.

Mazars in China

We established our presence in China in 1998 and currently have Mazars offices in four key cities. Our mix of permanent, international professionals on the ground in China, together with a strong team of local professionals, trained to international standards, allows us to be valued, trusted business advisor to European companies operating in China and to Chinese companies looking to access the European market.

How can we support Chinese companies?

  • Providing information on the business environment, accounting framework and tax differences between the local country and China,
  • Performing market entry feasibility studies and investment environment analyses,
  • Providing strategic advice on your move into Europe,
  • Advising on appropriate legal / tax structures of your investment vehicle,
  • Providing advice on setting up operations in European countries, and services such as bookkeeping, payroll and social welfare,
  • Identifying international acquisition targets / joint venture partners and all related compliance work,
  • Identifying sources of local Private Equity and debt finance,
  • Providing clear guidance through the IPO processes of foreign Capital Markets,
  • Performing all necessary financial due diligence in respect of such transactions, converting financial statements from/to local GAAP, IFRS and Chinese GAAP,  or providing technical reconciliation services,
  • Providing ongoing audit and accountancy services and Company and Personal tax advice, delivered locally be experienced people with a Global overview.

Mazars can call on the skills of  15,000  professionals in  73 countries across 5 continents which make up its integrated partnership. Furthermore, through the international Praxity Alliance, of which Mazars is a founding member, Mazars can access the skills and expertise of 33,400 professionals in 97 countries. In order to better serve our Chinese clients, apart from our ECD, we have set up a China Desk in New York and we are planning to set up more China Desks across the globe.

Our European China Desk coordinators