“Show Time for Young CPAs”, A+ magazine (April 2015)

The recent TVB drama Young Charioteers put young accountants in the spotlight as a new generation of energetic and goal-focused professionals.

Cristine Pang, Audit and Assurance Manager at Mazars shares some thoughts on how she perceive the show and the image of accountants in the media has evolved with the readers of A+ magazine.

Cristine Pang, Audit and Assurance Manager at Mazars and institute member cautions that it would be a challenge to master the lifestyle depicted in the show, especially during the peak season. She, however, still enjoys the programme: “it’s interesting to see your work life on TV and be able to share it with my famiy.” 


Real-life financial scandals such as Enro are what Pang at Mazars would like to see dramatized in a TV series. “It would educate the public about the about the challenges and legal liabilities accountants have to face, and help them understand our roles better, “ she says.

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Credits: Article written by Tigger Chaturabul  for A+ Magazine