China Daily interviews Mazars on its carbon footprint compensation initiative

As part of its Partnership Social Responsibility policy, Mazars has planted 5,000 trees in Kulun Qi, Inner Mongolia.

Thierry Labarre, Senior Founding Partner of Mazars in China, and Thomas Granjard, Sustainable Coordinator based in Mazars Beijing office, explained to China Daily why Mazars has choosen to support the Million Tree Project for its carbon footprint compensation initiative.

The firm's support to the NGO Shanghai Roots & Shoots included having nine employees from the four offices in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong) travelling to Inner Mongolia to plant trees. The reforestation objective is to combat the desertification in Kulun Qi by planting one million trees by 2014.

Mazars has contributed with 5,000 trees (forming “Mazars’ forest”), to partially compensate its annual carbon footprint. During the trip, the participants traded their accountant suits for a gardener outfit to plant poplars and prune trees planted in 2007, before wearing the teacher blouse to give an environmental awareness class to Kulun Qi local school pupils. This was a good opportunity for Mazars’ colleagues to experience the dramatic consequences of climate change and have them acting as ambassadors to raise awareness around them.

As part of its Partnership Social Responsibility policy, Mazars has not only committed to support such environmental project but also play a more active role as “sustainable development” auditors.

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