Accounting & Business magazine interviews Mazars' team on the Million Tree Project

As part of Mazars’ carbon-compensation programme, a team from its China offices recently ventured to the over-farmed lands of Inner Mongolia on a tree-planting mission...

During a friendly meeting, "Mazars' MTP team" explained to Sherry Lee the firm's carbon compensation project, defined along Mazars Group CSR policy.

Kenneth Morrison and Thierry Labarre presented Mazars' commitment to environmental projects and explained how this project benefits the local community in Kulun Qi. They also emphasize on the importance of having the Mazars' colleagues involved in such project. 

Thomas Granjard, who was interviewed by Sherry by video conference, explained his role as a sustainable development coordinator in this project and shared his tree-planting experience.

Maxine Shen, Richard Cheng and Christine Chau also related to Accounting and Business Magazine how the Million Tree Project had help to raise their awareness for environmental issues.




  • Accounting and Business magazine, China Edition, September 2012 issue
  • Author: Sherry Lee