Media mentions

You will find here articles published in the press about Mazars or quoting Mazars professionals.

"Little Britain’s Big Gamble" - A+ Magazine (Aug 2016)

In the aftermath of the British referendum result to leave the EU, global stock markets shuddered as shocked Brits, and many others,
scratched their heads wondering “now what?”

Stephen Weatherseed was featured in August issue of A Plus Magazine where he talks about how Brexit may impact the city, the profession and their clients.

"Lost in a Sea of Millennials" - A+ Magazine (June 2016)

By 2025, 75 percent of the global workforce is expected to comprise of people born 1980 or after. Proactive employers are taking the time
to understand what motivates millennials to reach their potential and remain loyal to the workplace. Eunice Kwok, our Practising Director in charge of human resources was featured in the June issue of A Plus Magazine where she talks about what we can do to nurture younger employees.

"Putting a stop to BEPS" - A+ Magazine (July 2015)

"China’s State Administration of Taxation has spent the past year deciding how best to crack down on multinational companies that disguise base erosion and profit shifting as transfer pricing. George W. Russell reports on its efforts so far and how Beijing’s policies might differ from those pursued by OECD member states"