The Good Bank - A Global Conversation

Mazars, in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit are presenting a five-month programme, bringing together a panel of experts to debate how to make a socially engaged bank a successful business and what makes a “Good Bank”.

The world of banking is changing dramatically as a result of the ongoing global financial crisis and heightened regulatory pressures. The question we must now ask is: What would a good bank look like?

Focusing on three core concepts, the Effective Bank, the Trustworthy Bank and the Innovative Bank, this program will contribute to the global public thinking on what makes a socially engaged bank a successful business. While social engagement and profitability are key considerations, regulation, risk tolerance and economic growth also play interconnected roles in the banking sector. Our experts, accompanied by those at the Economist and programme partners Credit Suisse and SAP, will explore these issues in a series of articles and debates. 

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