Sharings on IPO Projects in Hong Kong

On 26th July 2017, representatives from Mazars Hong Kong held a sharing session in Singapore to share their IPO experiences with around 20 colleagues from the Singapore and Malaysia offices. The workshop aims at providing information and understanding on how to prepare the listing of a company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Paul She, Practising Director of Audit and Assurance at Mazars Hong Kong, is the speaker of the session, where he shared his knowledge and considerable experiences in handling IPO projects in Hong Kong.

As a CPA firm, we are responsible for guiding our clients through all stages of the listing process. In particular, we have to provide our insightful and practical advice on the accountants’ report, other works of reporting accountants and any common problems. In addition to the knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences, our speakers also discuss some key points of the cross-border transaction. Rick Chan, Head of Audit and Assurance at Mazars Singapore, joined Paul to illustrate the cross-border IPO experiences in Hong Kong by references to the recent case of Mazars Hong Kong and Mazars Singapore’s joint efforts in facilitating the listing of Singapore based company Nexion Technologies Limited on the Growth Enterprise Market (“GEM Board”) of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 

Overall, the session provided our colleagues from Singapore and Malaysia with some very useful information and high impact advice that they will need to help any companies who look to initiate listing in Hong Kong on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the future.

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