Mazars co-host the European strategy for a global business conference

Mazars will be co-hosting the European strategy for a global business conference on Wednesday 24 October in Shenzhen.

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is one of the most dynamic regions in the Netherlands!

Amsterdam in Business is an investment agency  promoting the region to attract foreign companies to establish European headquarter, marketing & sales office and service center in one of the four cities depending on their profile (Almere, Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer and Amstelveen).

The mayor of Almere, Mrs. Jorritsma, was previously holding the roles of Minister of commerce, water and infrastructure, Minister of Economic affairs and Deputy Prime Minister. During a prior visit to Shenzhen, she was impressed by the fast development of this metropolitan city, which was just a finishing village 30 years ago. It is interesting to  notice that Almere is in a similar situation, a city in fast development among other cities in the Netherlands. The province of Flevoland - where Almere belongs to - is the result of reclaimed land where the whole city has been built from scratch two decades ago. Over the past few years, the region has seen an exponential growth.

Since last year, the city government of Almere has focused on developing a strategic friendship relation with Shenzhen in various areas such as  urban planning, education and economic development.  Over the past 6 months, delegations from Almere and Shenzhen have travelled between China and the Netherlands – allowing the representatives to establish contacts.


The economic development is one of the key pillars of the collaboration between Almere and Shenzhen, which will also benefit Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Supported by CCPIT Shenzhen and recommended by the Shenzhen Foreign Affair Office, this high-profile event is also sponsored by Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, Amsterdam in Business and the partners of our TCEN (The China Europe Network).


We look forward to seeing you at the event.

For more details on the programme, please download the invitation (available only in Chinese).