Mazars Hong Kong Awarded Premier Partner from the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association

Mazars Hong Kong is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the “Premier Partner” Award from the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association on 2nd June 2017, in celebration of the Association’s 20th Anniversary.

The Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA) is a self-financing social enterprise and charitable organisation in Hong Kong. They mainly offer 24-hour personal caring and emergency assistance services to the elderly and others in need through their core service, Personal Emergency Link, with the mission to enhance the living quality of the elderly in the community through the use of technology and people-oriented services.

As a socially aware organisation, Mazars is committed to making a proactive contribution to our communities and the wider society. This approach is also fundamental to Mazars’ values and the way we do business. We are therefore very pleased that we have the chance to bring benefits and return to our stakeholders as well as the society at large by partnering with a charitable organisation like the SCHSA. This award is also a recognition of our long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility as a trustworthy business services provider.