Mazars launches People Development Consulting

Mazars is delighted to offer a new service, People Development Consulting to clients as of September 1st 2011 through a merger with Metizo, an organisation specialising in personal development.

People Development Consulting (PDC) is a practice designed to aid companies develop their workforce and organisation, while focusing on the human values of individual and social development.

The merger came about through the strong synergies between the values of Mazars and Metizo.  Mazars places a strong emphasis on the individual which is applied to both clients and employees.  It is this focus on the individual that John Mellows, Partner and Head of Asia Pacific believes, will ensure a strong empathy to clients and therefore a successful delivery of this service from Mazars. 

He said: “We are unique in the market that we bring all the global resources and services that you would expect of a large practice down to a local level.  And really the value to most clients is that we can do it on a very personalized basis. All companies are looking for that delivered in a very personal way that is truly tailored to their requirements, something that is not an off the shelf product but meets their needs in their market place.”

Bob Aubrey Dr. Bob Aubrey, former CEO of Metizo and Partner and Practice Leader for Mazars People Development Consulting said “The key is aspiration.  We have aspirations for what the world is going to be looking like in the future, and we want to hear (our clients’) aspirations and the aspirations of (their) company”. 

While Personal Development Consulting will be offered on a global level, Bob Aubrey will lead the PDC practice from the Singapore office.

In the below links, John Mellows, Partner and Senior Advisor to Mazars' Group Executive Board, and Bob Aubrey explain the strategic reasons behind the merger, along with further details of what PDC can offer to your organisation:

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