Mazars Business Development Accelerator Programme 1st Training Session in Hong Kong

The first training session of the Mazars Regional Business Development Accelerator Programme was held on 23-24 May 2018 in Hong Kong.

As part of the Mazars’ Next20 strategic plan, this programme is a prototype, with the aim to enhance Mazars’ business development capacities through the sourcing, coaching and empowerment of our young professionals who are willing to make a difference and to contribute to our revenue. Around 20 Mazarians from other offices across the APAC region gathered together during the 2-day training curriculum, where they got to learn more about how to become a discerning business developer.

It was an honour to have Mr Jakob Haesler and Mr Rudi Lang, Member of the Mazars Group Executive Board as the special speakers of the session, where they talked about the key dimensions of business development at Mazars, of which all participants can leverage for their personal business development.

We were also very delighted to welcome the visit of Mr Philippe Castagnac, Chairman of the Group Executive Board at Mazars, to the training session on the 2nd day, where he reinforced the Mazars’ ambition to grow and develop more Business Developers within ourselves and as such, to generate more business opportunities. Mr Castagnac’s words definitely gave us valuable insights and motivations to further develop our business development capacities!

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