Mazars and Starling Resources announce launch of Mazars Starling Resources

The Mazars Group is proud to announce the launch of Mazars Starling Resources as an integral part of its consulting and advisory service offering.

“Mazars understands the growing importance of sustainability in today’s world and how this matters to our clients” said John Mellows, Partner and Senior Advisor to the Group Executive Board. “We provide our clients with a full range of tools and the knowledge required to meet the growing needs of international markets, investors, regulators and other stakeholders in this regard. We view the merger with Starling Resources and the launch of the Mazars Starling Resources practice as central to our ability to continue to serve our clients on these very important issues.”

Based in Bali, Indonesia, Starling Resources is an internationally recognized consultancy with a track record of creating practical solutions for some of the most important economic, environmental and social problems facing companies, government agencies, and non-profit groups across Asia.

“We are excited by the opportunity this merger creates for our clients” said John Claussen, Managing Partner of Mazars Starling Resources. “Our core team has deep experience advising clients on strategic operations, supply chain, financial and even philanthropic sustainability- related issues. We especially focus on the development of strategies to improve social and environmental performance, ecosystem and habitat management, and low-carbon planning. The combination of these strategic services with Mazars’ traditional audit, assurance and business advisory capabilities allows us to deliver an even broader sustainability service offering to current and new clients.”

Rezal Kusumaatmadja, Senior Advisor of Mazars Starling Resources added, "Most of us are aware that our society faces huge environmental challenges with its population approaching the 9 billion mark and a growing appetite for food, water and energy. To meet these challenges, we need to generally increase the  production of our natural systems without destroying the environment as we have in the past. We understand that these challenges also present opportunities. A business is a sustainable enterprise if it can align itself with these emerging opportunities. Mazars Starling Resources works with our clients to put theories and strategies into practice, learning by doing, and working together to identify and provide concrete solutions that together we can implement.”

Among its credentials, Mazars Starling Resources supports the design and development of the Katingan Peat Forest Conservation Project in Central Kalimantan on behalf of a private sector partner. This project represents one of the most important private sector-led REDD (reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) initiatives in Indonesia.

“The Katingan project is an excellent example of how we best serve our clients: by providing focused project management combined with world class technical, financial, scientific, and analytical expertise to ensure that carbon reduction targets are met, ecosystem functions restored, and biodiversity protected, says John Claussen. We further design long term partnerships between communities and the private sector, ensuring the interests of both are properly understood and addressed. We take the same, long-term view and deliberate approach whether we are advising corporate clients on their sustainability agendas or with our Foundation clients on their philanthropic strategies.

Our team remains committed to delivering innovative thinking and solutions while ensuring the rigor and accuracy befitting Mazars’ global professional standards”, John Claussen added.

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