HKTDC Belt and Road Video Series: Hong Kong as Treasury Centre

One of the hottest topics over the past year has been China’s One Belt, One Road initiative, an economic and development project launched by the Chinese government that could transform the Asian and the world’s businesses.

Tax incentives and financing expertise for Belt and Road Initiative projects offer huge opportunities for Hong Kong as a treasury centre. In this episode of the Belt and Road Video Series, produced by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Mazars Hong Kong Practising Director Paul She talks about the Belt and Road Initiative — what it means to us, Hong Kong and the firm’s role in this mega infrastructure project, and how can we seize the opportunities.

Mazars Hong Kong is a hub for the Greater China as we coordinate the capital market activities in the region and often follow up on large infrastructure programmes that create new prosperity in China and other countries along the Belt and Road route, says Paul. “We are focusing on technology clients related to the Belt and Road – some for IPO launch on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange – companies “often missed by the market”.

“As a French Headquartered firm, Mazars expects numerous opportunities to arise. There are many countries which are French-speaking, for instance, Vietnam and many countries in Africa and this is our competitive advantage, so we expect new belt and road opportunities will appear through these countries and link also to Hong Kong’s role as a treasury centre for belt and road.”

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