Protecting your sensitive data: best practices

Keeping confidential sensitive data is critical for any business. It is especially true in China where competition is fierce and information can easily leak out. However, SMEs and entrepreneurs often do not have the financial or human means to set up complex systems to protect their data.

Philippe Vaur, IT Manager at Mazars in China, will be introducing the critical steps that need to be taken to secure IT systems during a presentation held on September 29, 2010 at the SME Working Group of the French Chamber of Commerce in Beijing.

Philippe commented: “Along with the ever more ubiquitous usage of Information Technology (IT) over private and public networks, the level risk of disclosure of confidential information, damage to systems and data as well as discontinuity of IT resources has increased dramatically. Risks could arise from malicious attacks from outside the company or relate to unintentional errors. The purpose of this presentation is to make you aware of the major risks threatening a company’s IT resources, to introduce common IT Security standards and frameworks as well as giving an overview of implementing an effective IT Security approach. Furthermore, we will emphasize specific security issues to be considered in China.”

The aim of this workshop is to share best practices and accessible technical solutions, to leverage experience among companies.