Meet Mazars experts at the 2010 edition of the “Travailler Ensemble” forum in Shanghai

Mazars supports cooperation and collaboration within the French business community by taking part in the “Travailler Ensemble” forum held in Shanghai on December 3rd, 2010. “Travailler Ensemble” means “Working Together” in French. The event promotes the development of long-lasting business connections and sharing of experiences between French companies.

After the first forum in Beijing in January 2009, followed by Shanghai on June 19th 2009, Shanghai is now hosting the 6th edition on December 3rd, 2010. The idea behind such a Forum arose from the fact that French very small, small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) and multinational companies MNCs in China are not working together the way they should. Solidarity between French companies is not as natural as in other communities (Germany, Japan...). It is in our common interest to help each other as French companies to allow good development of the French economic environment in China, especially with the current difficult situation.

The goal of this event is to engage China-based SMEs and MNCs to collaborate: develop long-lasting business connections, facilitate exchanges between French companies and share their experiences. SMEs and MNCs will also have the opportunity to create connections with each other on a special "free meeting" area designed in this objective. “Travailler Ensemble”, which can be translated as "Working together", is the beginning of a real cooperation among the French business community in China.

The forum is organized by the French Junior Chamber International in Shanghai (JCEF) in partnerships with the French Chamber of Commerce (CCIFC) , the Economic Section of the French Embassy , Ubifrance  and the French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCE) .

If you want to attend this event, do not hesitate to register here  or contact Thomas Chen This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We hope to see you on December 3rd, 2010 at Sofitel Hyland Shanghai  (505 Nanjing Dong Lu near Fujian Lu and He Nan Zhong Lu).