"The business of ideas", A+Magazine (May 2015)

The interpretation of "Big Data" has become a priority for most companies… Data analytics presents an opportunity to differentiate among business advisory service providers

Mark Kennedy, Director in Mazars Dublin office and a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland, expresses his opinion on how accounting firms are using increasingly more sophisticated analysis to help executives make better informed predictions and decisions to create value.

Mazars is also expanding its analytical capacity. "It's a question of enhancing client service, and of growing efficiency”, “For our clients it's a question of gaining better insights from their work with us."

It's no surprise that accounting firms release a regular stream of in-depth thought leadership material. Today's firms recognize that the power of thought leadership content goes beyond building up their reputation.

"The work associated with generating thought leadership drives the firm intellectually and essentially paves the way for services, methodologies and new and stronger client relationships," says Kennedy. "The marketing effect is an important by-product - it is our means of sharing our views."

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  • A+ magazine, May 2015 issue